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Long Covid, fatigue, brain fog, depression, POTS and other post-viral illnesses can be devastating. Work with a holistic therapist to restore your health naturally, heal with food, and create a lifestyle that supports your whole being. Get one-on-one support to address your symptoms and take charge of your own recovery.

Heal Long Covid

Meet Mel Shapcott

A natural intuitive and gifted healer, Mel is committed to helping you heal especially when doctors say they can’t help.

She was born with a clear connection to universal wisdom and the ability to see beyond what is visible. She works with you to uncover your unique path to well being and helps you to step into the driver’s seat on the road to health. Her life experiences have shown her that not only is healing possible, but that it can be achieved through simple, measured actions anyone can take.

Through her holistic therapy practice, Mel provides one-on-one support to Covid long haulers, as well individuals with POTS, EDS, and post-viral depression. Her down-to-earth methods for rebooting from health setbacks help you to reverse brain fog, overcome fatigue, and create a low-stress lifestyle that feels good.

What Clients Say

Reviews“Mel Shapcott has a tremendous gift.” – Sara 

Reviews“You are just the antidote I needed!” – Lisa

Reviews“I deeply appreciate your passion and dedication to your work,” – Melissa

Reviews“Had a wonderful session with Mel – it was so enjoyable. Thank you so much, Mel!!” – Claire

Activate Your Health

Beating Long Covid

If you are not sure where to start, Mel can help you to identify the steps you need to take to start healing from Long Covid, chronic fatigue, POTS and more. She has more than 20 years of experience helping people heal.

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