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When you have Long Covid, POTS, or any other chronic illness even the simple things can seem hard. With debilitating symptoms ranging from brain fog to fatigue, coupled with daily pain and a lot of unknowns, it can feel impossible to find a clear path to health. If this sounds familiar, you can get help for Long Covid, POTS, and other chronic illnesses from a holistic therapist who will help you gain focus and restore your well-being. During a one-on-one session you will be invited to talk about your health challenges, discuss ways to manage symptoms, and commit to your next steps towards healing.

Support is available for Covid long haulers, as well individuals with POTS, EDS, post-viral symptoms, and other chronic illnesses. Sessions are offered online or by phone.

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Mel Shapcott

Through her own experience with chronic illness Mel has learned that healing is possible. As a result she is able to offer tools, techniques, and an insider’s perspective to reclaiming well-being.

What Clients Say

Reviews“Mel Shapcott has a tremendous gift.” – Sara 

Reviews“You are just the antidote I needed!” – Lisa

Reviews“I deeply appreciate your passion and dedication to your work,” – Melissa

Reviews“Had a wonderful session with Mel – it was so enjoyable. Thank you so much, Mel!!” – Claire

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Why I Want to Work With You

I am a survivor of post-viral syndrome. However, despite a long list of diagnoses that I have received, post-viral syndrome is not one of them. I am, as you may be, self-diagnosed. It has been five years since I suffered a severe flu-like sickness. Since then, my experience has been misinterpreted, largely dismissed, and in some instances flat out denied by the practitioners that I have worked with. I have seen dozens upon dozens of doctors in what was…

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