Help for Covid Long Haulers

There is no roadmap for Covid long haulers.

Covid long haulers are in uncharted territory, and as a result many may be wondering who they can turn to for help. When post-Covid symptoms interfere with your ability to function day-to-day it is important to know that you can get help. While not every practitioner will have an answer for you, there is a way out and through to the other side.

It is a blessing that I have not experienced any symptoms of Covid-19 up to this point. However, the mysterious symptoms reported by Covid long haulers are intimately familiar.

As post-Covid-19 syndrome makes its way into the headlines, the stories from long haulers are astonishing. There are accounts from professional journalists, athletic fathers, women in their 30s, and people across the whole spectrum and globe. But even more compelling is what Covid long haulers describe, because it is nearly identical to the health crisis that I lived through.

With news of “Covid fatigue” and “post Covid brain fog” continuing to roll in, there is no denying the similarities. I know that I am not a Covid long hauler because my illness began years ago. But when I read about long haulers I think, “This is it! This is what I went through! I really wasn’t making it up, it really was bad.”

Seeing it in the headlines validates my experience. It confirms for me that the debilitating problems I faced were a result of post-viral fatigue and post-viral brain fog.

Hope Is Not Enough

I, like many long haulers, was told early on that the only treatment for my mystery condition might be to hope. For me, it was not enough to hope, and I had to do something.

At that time, I couldn’t hold my head up and I required a nest of pillows to prop myself up in bed. From there I would gingerly grip my phone and bear the pain that emanated every time my finger touched the screen. Despite my weakness, I began to avidly read on my phone. I wanted to know everything I could about the seemingly unrelated mystery symptoms that had taken a sledgehammer to my life.

Armed with my own knowledge, I began working with practitioners to untangle the mess. I made use of holistic and alternative approaches, as well as consulted with physicians and specialists in many fields. There is no silver bullet, no cure-all for every long hauler symptom.

What I have learned is that you can absolutely and positively impact your return to greater health and at the same, craft a lifestyle that will support your whole being.

Body, Mind, Self

When I am one hundred percent truthful with myself, I admit that this horrendous experience could actually be seen as a blessing in disguise. It was an opportunity for me to re-vision my life and align my priorities. From a place of being broken spiritually and barely able to move my body, I recovered. In this process I not only established a sense of restored health, both mentally and physically, but I attained a sense of peace that I never knew was possible.

Decades of depression melted away. Racing thoughts, once frequent, became a rare occurrence. Fear gave way to courage. The workaholic in me was given a permanent vacation, and I created an enjoyable lifestyle that I could sustain. Through my recovery I not only gained an understanding of my body, but I learned methods for healing and supporting it. I transitioned to hyper-clean living and discovered that my body thrived on plant-based diet. Now I can revel in a renewed sense of gratitude for my abilities, with awe at how my mind and body coordinate in a miraculous way.

At my worst, post-viral symptoms compounded by the lack of available treatments pushed me to the brink where I completely lost faith. I detached from any sense of purpose and grasped for some bigger picture that made sense. My memories vanished, I couldn’t hold onto a thought long enough to finish a sentence, and confusion overwhelmed me. It was from underneath this blanket of brain fog that I found a blank slate to start again.

An Opportunity

This is my destiny. I have known since I was a little girl that I would be here for “the end of the world as we knew it” and that my help would be very much needed. I imagined post-apocalyptic scenes, fire in the streets, people fighting and dying, disorder, and mass mayhem. But I didn’t know exactly how I would be called upon or what the situation would demand from me. I just knew in my heart that these things would happen and I would be there to help.

When I take stock of the world today it is clear to me that this premonition has come true. With the spread of Covid-19, the end of the world as we knew it is most certainly here.

And with it comes great opportunity.

For too many people in the U.S. life is a high-stress marathon with pressure mounting on all sides. Limited resources to make ends meet, leaves rest and relaxation in short supply. Beyond that our social systems lack the adequate structure to provide ample recovery time for people with complex medical conditions. Mental health symptoms and addiction are stigmas, instead of cause for care. Our doctors do not have sufficient answers for simple questions. When you add Covid-19 to the mix, it is no surprise that so many people are struggling.

If you are a Covid long hauler make this your opportunity to understand and administer your own health choices. You do not have to simply sit back and hope for better days ahead. There are things that you can do to optimize your recovery and redirect your future.

Take this time to reshape your life and adopt a lifestyle that supports your whole health.

How I Help Covid Long Haulers

I am here first to listen. No two people on this planet are the same. Our bodies, minds, and energetic signatures are each unique, and therefore we each require individualized care. This is especially true when you consider the array and combination of symptoms that Covid long haulers experience.

Let’s work together to identify your next step towards renewed health. Get help to put a plan into action to address your current needs and achieve your future goals.

No matter where you are with your recovery, I am your ally.

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